Interactive Post Labels passing PageRank?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Google recently introduced a feature called Interactive Post Labels.

Not exactly the most friendliest of names ... the short of it is, it's possible to include a little Call to Action when someone links/shares to G+.

Okay, maybe that isn't helping you understand ... so how about an image?
Here you go;

Right there, on the bottom left is that little red icon with red text after it.
Well, that's what the IPL looks like - the little red icon followed by the CTA.

I can see some of you are shrugging and thinking "big whoop".
Well, it's actually kind of important ... so pay attention.

Two things of note about Interactive Posts.

First thing to note is ... that's a Link.
And, it's a normal link - it's not JavaScript reliant, nor is there any use of Nofollow either.
So it will pass PR.

The second thing to note is ... the URL can be different!

Well,  normally, a Share will have one or two links in it.
If there is just one, then it will be a Text Link; the title of the shared page.
If there are two links, then it will be the Text Link on the right, and an Image Link on the left.

With the addition of the IPL, there is another link ... and this one can go to a different URL.
That means - from a single share, you can potentially pass PR to 2 URLs.

Now, as with most of the other Normal/PR passing links in G+, it is somewhat neutralised.
You cannot really do much with the CTA - there's a limited list to choose from, so Keywording your link text is out (unless you plan on your page ranking for things like "Read More" or "Eat" or "Follow" etc.?).
But, none the less - it is possible 2 customise that destination URL and differ it from the share URL ... which I'm sure we'll see happen (unless G realise it's a potential abuse point and nofollow it, or force the same URL destination).

So, that may be leaving you with a question...

How do I get stuff shared with an Interactive Post Label?

Well - it's a bit of a PITA ... and I'm not sure it's meant for "everyone" ... I just saw it and thought I'd test it out.
But, you have to get a Google API key.
This is assigned per site.
Then you have to insert some JS and Markup (or just pure JS if you wish).
You can fiddle with the code to customise it a bit.
(Resource links at the bottom of the page people)

The end result would be something like this;
Warning : This will ask your permission to access your G+ account remotely to do the share!
For those visiting the version of this blog :
For those visiting the .com version, it's this :

Clicking that will launch a little window that asks for your permission for the code to interact with your profile (it wants you to say yes, it can share this to my profile).
Then you get the normal share screen ... but this time, you'll see the IPL in the bottom right.

Want to see an example of the 2 URL version?
Warning : This will ask your permission to access your G+ account remotely to do the share!  (If you haven't already given permission above)
For those visiting the version of this blog :
And for those viewing the .com, it's this :

This one will display the Share for this page, but the IPL will point to Do +1's affect PageRank?

What's with the and the .com?

Well - Google came up with this fantastic idea of automatically changing the Domain/TLD depending on where you are visiting from (morons!).  So if you are in the UK and try to visit the .com version of this blog, you will be automatically redirected to the version.
The problem is - this code is Domain Specific - so I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure why my code wouldn't work (kept saying "Error: origin_mismatch").
Did I mention they were morons?

Resources for the Interactive Post Labels.

Get an API account
About the Interactive Posts

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