Welcome to the Google+ PR blog.

Since the launch of Google+, there has been some interest in it's Link structure and PR Flow through those links.
The most recent surge of interest is due to +Joshua Berg's examination of G+ Profile PR;
Is Google+ Page Rank the culprit behind the current suspicions of active Author Rank?.

Yet before that you had the likes of +Dan Petrovic monitoring which links may pass PR, and which ones Google started nofollowing;
What is Google+ up to now?.

Yet some of us have been looking at it from nigh on day one. Anyone that has looked at my profile will know that it's full of weird and wonderful things. I've been testing links passing PR and Relevancy for almost a year and a half,
(it's true, I've been getting sites showing for irrelevant terms using just single links from my G+ Profile).
The problem is, I've pretty much kept my mouth shut and kept a somewhat low profile.

Well, no more!

So, let me welcome you to the first of my little blogs - the G+ PR blog!

Just some normal looking title for now :D

Monday, May 6, 2013

Just a test page

Interactive Post Labels passing PageRank?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Google recently introduced a feature called Interactive Post Labels.

Not exactly the most friendliest of names ... the short of it is, it's possible to include a little Call to Action when someone links/shares to G+.

Okay, maybe that isn't helping you understand ... so how about an image?
Here you go;

G+ Blogger Comments test page :D

Saturday, April 20, 2013

This is just a stupid dummy page :D

Okay - I've blocked you both.
I'll unblock you in about 5-10 minutes ... after I've had a quick smoke :D

Catch you in a bit :D


Right - I is returned :D

I shall review the comments, then unblock you both, and recheck the comments (and hope all has been done by now :D)

What is PageRank, and why is it important?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rather than boring you to tears with techno-babble, how about a nice, simple and clear explanation about PageRank?  Yeah, I thought so to :D

What is PageRank?

Short Answer : A link based metric meant to represent trust/authority.
PageRank (PR) is a method developed by Google as a way to rank a URL based on the volume of links to that URL, and the trust/authority/popularity of the linking pages.

Do +1's affect PageRank?

Google +1's affecting PageRank?

This should be a fairly quick one :D

Since the launch of the +1 button, people have suggested (or even claimed!) that it affects Ranking.  A lot of people went so far as to state that a volume of +1's would even increase a pages PR score.

It even reached the point where sites like Mashable had posts about it.

So, as it deals with G+ and PageRank ... I thought I'd cover it.