About the G+ PageRank blog...

There are only 3 things you really need to know about this blog;
1) It is temporary
2) It's to catchup
3) This site is to target specific content : Links and PR flow in G+

It's Temporary...

... well, that's the theory/plan in any case.
Once I've managed to find a way to juggle my workloads and family life (babies are time consuming), I will continue with my plans on producing a proper website to put such content on.
(This means as/when ready, I'll be shifting this lot to the new site)

Catching up is hard...

... but it needs to be done.  I was in the first generation of G+ users.  I was one of the earliest to point out where G were likely to go, how they could use G+ for vetting, and discussed things like AuthorRank long before most others.
But, because I didn't have a public blog to dump such thoughts/content on, I've fallen behind ... and now even all the bandwagoneers, clueless muppets and mass morons are posting stuff that I should have covered long ago.

G+ Links, PR Flow and such...

... is what this blog is about.  There will likely be others (such as focusing on AUthorship/AuthorRank etc.).  I'll connect them up as/when they occur.