For those of you that are interested in seeing what others have said/have to say about G+ PR, or what to quickly find a referenced source, I thought I'd throw together a quick resource page.
(Yes, I know, it's basically a Links page :D)

If you are reading this and see anything missing, or want to suggest a resource, please leave a comment.

Resource Link
Dan Petrovic examines various features of G+ for SEO, including a look at their usage of NoFollow. Google+ SEO
+Cyrus Shepard 's G+ post about G appearing to remove PR from Profiles. Did Google drop PageRank from Google+ pages?
The first in +Joshua Bergs G+ PR series on Google Plus :

Is Google+ Page Rank the culprit behind the current suspicions of active Author Rank?
Joshs second piece on G+ PR :

How PageRank in Google+ is Earned. G+ Link Myths Busted!
Joshs third piece on G+ PR :

Why PageRank in G+ Matters To You & Your Connections
Joshs fourth piece on G+ PR :
PR in G+ - PageRank is Still The Guts of Google Search
Joshs fifth piece on G+ PR :
PageRank, Link Juice & SEO for Google+ Communities
Joshs sixth piece on G+ PR :
Balance Returns to PageRank Force. Avoid The Dark Side
Max Hugiens take on +Joshua Bergs 1st G+ PR post Do people have a PageRank? Yes they do, +Joshua Berg shows personal branding is for real